Football Calendar 2024


Football Editions’ celebration of the beautiful game continues with this monthly fantasy #One2Eleven.

Imagine Pelé, van Basten and Maradona in the same team. Imagine no more. We’ve brought them altogether here for you!

All born in October, these guys made it a good month for football. Check out the 5th of February. Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Tevez were all born on this day but unfortunately we could only pick one player per day. If you’re a May 7th baby then you might not be blessed with outrageous tekkers.

We’ve picked the players for every day of the year and assembled the starting 11’s for each month. We’ve even figured out formations.

So kick back, enjoy 2024 like your team has just won a Champions League final.

Football Calendar 2024

Limited edition of 100.
Each edition is hand numbered.

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Cover and Body: Typeset in Averta

Months are typeset in the following
January: Eksell Display Large
February: F37 Ginger Bold
March: Plantin Std Semibold
April: Noe Display Bold
May: Druk Wide Medium
June: Fabriga Bold
July: Raisonne Demi Bold
August: Knockout HTF91 UltmtMiddlewt
September: Daniel Black
October: Brown Bold Italic
November: Rumori Chiari
December: Morion Bold

Paper 140 gsm Cyclus Offset Size A3

Printed by

Concept and design by

Football Editions