Red Mist! Football’s Most Shocking Moments

Red Mist: Football’s Most Shocking Moments was inspired by our 3rd Football Edition’s zine ‘Seeing Red! We brought in BBC Sports journalist Phil Cartwright and his abundance of Football knowledge to help us piece this together alongside the talented illustrator Chester Holme.

And here’s a little insight into what this book is all about…

There’s more than one way to attain football immortality, and in Red Mist: Football’s Most Shocking Moments, BBC Sport journalist Phil Cartwright turns a witty and revealing eye over the mavericks, pioneers and anti-heroes that have defined football history. From Zinedine Zidane’s infamous headbutt to Eric Cantona’s kung-fu kick, Red Mist celebrates 30 iconic game-changing moments that broke the hearts of nations and spawned instant legacies. Featuring stories of red cards, dirty tackles, biting, pitch invaders and much more, you will be taken on an unforgettable journey of the (not so) good, the bad and the downright despicable.

Red Mist!

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Words by Phil Cartwright
Publisher: Kate Pollard
Commissioning Editor: Kajal Mistry
Copy Editor: Steven Carton
Design and Art Direction: NotOnSunday
Illustration: Chester Holme

Concept and design by

Football Editions