Seeing Red! Editions 3


Football comes highly charged. It’s an emotional game. The English Premier League has been blessed with so many great players — and some of the greatest personalities to boot. The red mist has a lot to answer for, giving us everything from the cheeky mischievous troublemaker to the downright criminal. Between them, this eleven could cause some serious damage. That’s if they could keep themselves all on the pitch, of course.

Seeing Red!
Edition 3

Limited edition of 200.
Each edition is hand numbered.

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Body: Avenir by Adrian Frutiger, released by Linotype
Headline: Rumori Morbidi by MuirMcNeil

Cover: Curious Collection Matter Désirée Red 270gsm
Pages: Colorplan Candy Pink 135gsm

Printed by

Illustrations by Lawrence Slater

Concept and design by
Michael Willows and
Wayne Trevor Townsend

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